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Tortillas, hand-sized thin and soft made from cornmeal, form the base of many Mexican dishes. Soft tortillas filled with meat or vegetables are called Tacos.

Most recognize Tacos in the form of Taquiza, which entails the filling and rolling of your own tortillas with various ingredients.

When tortillas are filled with meat or potatoes, rolled tightly, and deep fried until crispy, they are known as Tacos Dorados, or Flautas. All Tacos are usually dipped in sauce and eaten without silverware in Mexico.

En-chiladas are soft tortillas marinated in-chili sauce, filled, and baked.

Tostadas are flat, crunchy, deep fried tortillas eaten plain or with toppings.

Sopes and Huaraches („sandals“) are thick, hand-made round or long tortillas resembling small pizzas, usually served with toppings such as mashed beans.

Tortillas are often served plain as well, to be dipped into various dishes and used in place of silverware.

Corn or wheat tortillas? Corn tortillas are the authentic choice. Wheat tortillas however have a more neutral and mild taste.


Green Tomatillos are the base for the famous green Salsa Verde. They are related to the Physalis fruit, and resemble small tomatoes.


Guacamole is avacado mousse with some more ingridients, served either mild or spicy.

Nopales, the young, flat, oval leaves of the cactus pear, are recognized as Mexico's national vegetable, growing readily throughout the whole country and even pictured on the national flag. Depending on the season, they are served fresh or preserved - without the thorns of course!

Tunas are sweet, juicy cactus figs.

Guayabas, guavas are yellow sweet-sour fruit with lots of little seeds.

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