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Why "The Real Mexican"? - Our philosophy

Angel Chavez Martinez, the owner and chef of the restaurant.

Welcome to the "real Mexican"!

It is our goal to present you, our guests, with central/south Mexican cuisine as traditional as the availabilty of authentic can afford, and to offer a glimpse into the Mexican way of life.

Mexican cuisine is based on corn tortillas (see page 2) and a myriad of sauces, all originating from the approximate 200 types of Mexican-grown chili peppers. These sauces are typically used as marinades for the preparation of meats and vegetables, or served on the side of milder dishes so that everyone can season according to his own personal tastes. Rice prepared in a tomato-based sauce and brown or black beans, served whole or mashed, are the traditional side dishes.

Popular drinks in Mexico include chilled beer, often mixed with fresh lime juice, and "Aquas frescas," sweetened and refreshing nonalcoholic drinks made with freshly-pressed juice or tea extracts (e.g Hibiscus flower). Tequila distilled from fermented agave juice is also an ever-popular hit with just about every crowd!

A somewhat different phenomenon is the popular "Tex-Mex"style, served in the neighboring region on both sides of the American/Mexican border. It is thought that Tex-Mex was brought into being by Mexican immirants in the United States, who, finding it difficult to find authentic Mexican ingredients, substituted American ones - wheat tortillas in place of tradtional corn tortillas, for example - and the fusion of American and Mexican cuisines came about. Dishes such as burritos, fajitas, or the famous Texas "chili con carne" were brought into being over time, although the art in which many of these dishes are prepared or the ingredients found in them, are not commonly used in Mexico. That being said, these dishes have found their way onto many a menu in restaurants in Mexico, simply because of high tourist demand.

In conclusion, we would like to invite you on a short culinary trip through Mexico, to offer you a chance to experience authentic Mexican cuisine for the first time, or to recall some good memories from times past for those of you who are already familiar with the Mexican kitchen!

In this spirit, ¡Buen provecho!, Enjoy your meal!


¡Qué viva México!

Angel Chavez Martinez
Chef and owner
from Hidalgo, Mexiko

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